Class Schedule

From September 13th classes will resume at the Studio. Until weather conditions permit, morning and afternoon classes will be run outdoor

Contact me for the zoom link and payment methods.

Private classes are also available, please enquire

Studio classes still have to be booked up to a maximum of 4 students per class.

Bring your own mats, blankets, pillows, etc. Changing room not available – come with your yoga clothes already on.

All required safety precautions have to be followed.

My classes include dynamic sequences, repeated a set number of times, and static postures, held for a set number of breaths.

Dynamic practice – which is always slow, guided by a steady and calm breath, by a calm and regular heart rate – can be considered as preparation for the static practice.

This is both from a physical perspective, as moving in and out of a posture helps us to better understand the potential difficulties of the posture and a mental perspective, as our constantly moving lifestyle does not prepare us to be still.

On the other hand, maintaining a posture for a long time, as done ‘traditionally’ for meditative practices, is not easy. The body reveals unexpected rigidity and discomfort, if we are not prepared to modified the posture to accommodate our own particular bodies. Other times, if the posture is comfortable, it is our mind which starts to become restless.

Yoga is a complete discipline which involves both the body and the mind. They are two aspects of the same nature, which have to work together to help us reach a state which goes beyond body and mind. We need to refine both!

I try to facilitate attendance by letting people free to choose the day they come, pick one or two or more of the many classes available from the schedule!

I am also available for individual classes, kids, kids+parents, classes in villas or holiday homes.

Contact me for more information and details, and to enquire about additional or zoom classes. The studio is in Isola d’Arbia (Siena) in Via della Mercanzia 20 (bus n. 2 from Piazza del Sale)

Send an email to or call/whatsapp me at 3401750010.

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