Accept yourself for what you are, respect your body. Start where you are now.

Do not judge yourself or others for their practice.

Each of us follows different paths, and every day is different. Be present to yourself each and every moment.

Let your breath show you where you are and the path forward.


The Yogi Cat is a Yoga Studio in Siena for all levels of practice.

We work in small groups with accessible short sequences of movements and postures, where movement are associated to precise breathing practice, applying a progression towards the ability to pay attention to ourselves, trying to be mindful of Patañjali’s Yoga Sutrās observations of the human experience.

This progressive approach allows to reach the essence of Yoga practice, with its slow and mindful coordination of breath and movement, as well as the use of respiratory pauses. It is a practice which encourages the onset of concentration and introspection and is suitable for all ages and shapes through its asana modifications respectful of individual possibilities.

Classes can be run in Italian or in English.